P.A.Gerrard . Artist . Filmmaker


Artist for Film , TV and Exhibition.


P.A.Gerrard has worked on some of hollywoods most successful movies and Tv shows. As an artist his designs can be seen in Hellboy, Battle Los Angeles, The D&D, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Shannara Chronicles, Indy 5, Evil Dead Rise and many more. As a world imaginer he created RIVALS: The Loyalty of Sago Astar. A post apocalyptic live action Tv show and comic, now in development.  He resides in Whitby , Uk where he spends most of time painting and crafting unique worlds for various platforms.

"Master Gerrard's work penetrates the numbed pleroma of our hellborne gothic consciousness like some bastard biomechanical spawn of Clive Barker and H.R. Giger, hotwiring long dormant circuits and conjuring chiaroscuro dreamscapes at once shockingly alien and brutally famillar in a visual symphony twisted body armor, chitin, kevlar and tortured flesh. There are indeed new worlds here and new and deeper hells, proof positive that chaos never died." Richard Stanley